2021 3rd Management Science Informatization and Economic Innovation Development Conference(MSIEID2021)
Welcome Professor Dr.Gordana Kierans from Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) to be the keynote speaker of MSIEID 2021


Professor Dr.Gordana Kierans
Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU)

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Circular Economy, Leadership

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Professor, author and TEDx Speaker, has 20 years of business experience at the interface between leading Business Schools and companies. During her career, she has worked with entrepreneurs, SMEs, multinationals, governments and NGOs, in Germany and world-wide. She has also worked with top academics in the area of the Circular Economy which inspired her to create a practical hands-on programme. She has also developed a Udemy course on Circular Economy with focus on entrepreneurs.

Dr Kierans was born and raised in Croatia but she lived for 25 years abroad (Italy, Germany, Belgium) which resulted in the knowledge of six languages. She completed all her studies in Germany, including her Doctorate. In addition, Dr Kierans is also an Alumna of the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education. She was also invited to deliver a TEDx TALK in Europe.

Today, she is a Partner at MGT OPEN, as well as a Professor at the Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) in Shenzhen, China.




The Circular Economy: Four Elements of Success After Expert Interviews


As Professor Kierans presented in 2020, ever since the Industrial Revolution, our system of production has been a linear economy that has evolved into a “take-make-use-and-dispose” structure powered almost exclusively by fossil fuels. This led to global warming and the climate change the planet is facing. The linear economy also forced numerous countries to turn the tide and opt for carbon neutrality, like China and the European Union.

One way of reaching the carbon neutrality is by implementing a circular way of production. The circular economy actually separates economic growth and development apart from the consumption of limited resources, creating a new industrial economy. To support the transition to the carbon-neutral future, the European Union adapted an ambitious action plan for the circular economy.

However, for the circular economy to succeed as the new business reality free of waste, four factors play a crucial role. In 2020, Professor Kierans presented these factors that she identified in her work as a consultant. This year, she returns with fresh data obtained from a series of expert interviews with leading investors in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, the UK and China. She will present the recent findings and discuss, what needs to happen next.