2021 3rd Management Science Informatization and Economic Innovation Development Conference(MSIEID2021)
Welcome Prof. Guangming Li from College of Economics, Jinan University to be the keynote speaker of MSIEID 2021


Prof. Guangming Li

College of Economics, Jinan University

Research Area

Circular economics, industrial ecology, tourism economics and

environmental economics

Brief introduction of your research experience

Dr. GuangmingLi, Acting Dean of Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University, currently focuses on the college development strategy, disciplinary construction, international cooperation, and industry-research-education collaboration. By earlier years, he worked for the College of Economics of Jinan University, NORINCO, Ganzhou Tourism Bureau, Guangdong Provincial Metallurgical Division, and Firth Industries as an associate professor, operations manager, deputy director, senior engineer and economic analyst respectively. From 1995 to 2000, he studied and worked in New Zealand for nearly 6 years. He graduated from several tertiary institutions such as Northeast University, Massey University and received PhD, Master and Bachelor degrees separately. He has taught 6 courses for undergraduates and postgraduates: “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics”, “E-commerce”, “Environmental and natural resource economics”, “Industrial ecology”, and “Multinational corporate operations and management”.

Professor Li recent years mainly focused on the education and research in circular economics, industrial ecology, tourism economics and environmental economics. He is the first scholar in China who systematically did the study of regional ecological industrial network based on the theory and methodology of environmental economics. His works showed that the regional ecological industrial network is an effective path to realize industrial ecology, recycle economy and regional sustainable development of industries. Based on the economic evaluation theory and methods of environment and natural resources, he constructed a theoretical econometric model from the views of social welfare and firm profit maximization respectively, to study the cost, benefit, and effective scale of a regional ecological industrial network and its rational geographic radius.

Speech Title

The roadmap of circular economy’s ecological valuating